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Come sweat, get fit, and learn to defend yourself!

Ignite ATA Martial Art’s teen and adult program will help you take the time you need for you. 

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Teen and Adult Martial Arts

Martial arts allow for busy teens and adults to relieve stress while learning a new skill

With the daily demands of teens and adults raising, martial arts serves as a great outlet to reduce stress and get fit. Martial arts is not only a sport, but helps build important life skills that our students use in their everyday lives. Our school is a place in which adults and teens of all different professions come together and train as a team. Our students push each other to be work through difficult workouts and work hard to learn martial arts skills. This team environment harvests friendships that last a lifetime while developing the mind and body of all our students.

Develop your mind and body with martial arts

Martial arts teaches skills that help you in your every day life. We aspire to help busy teens and adults keep a positive mental attitude and strong work ethic to help them in their day to day obligations.
We help teens stay in a positive atmosphere to with like minded friends while they all develop life skills to help them in college and their careers.

ready to bring your fitness level to the next level?

Martial Arts will do it! Best part you’ll have fun every second!

Our program will help you do just that. Our certified instructors develop classes that improve: strength, cardio, and flexibility. The teen and adults program is developed to help relieve stress and have students take a mental break from the stress of their daily lives. When working out students are learning skills to defend themselves and making life long friends with like-minded individuals.
A side benefit, you will be in the best shape of your life. We’re hear to help you burn some major calories while increasing your strength, flexibilty, and cardio.

tired of going to the gym? Let us become your trainers!

Martial arts is the total experience. Not only will you get fit and develop life skills to help you in your everyday life. You will leave every class feeling happier and stronger!


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