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come in and sweat, get fit, and learn to protect yourself!

come in and learn tactical self-defense moves while making friends and getting fit!


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Ignite Combat Fitness

Learn Practical self-defense moves while getting fit!

Do you have a hard time getting to the gym and doing the same old workout routine? Are you getting the results you want? Here at Ignite ATA Martial arts we’ve been helping people since 2006 get in the best shape of their lives. Our dedicated instructors provide training that allows students to get stronger and reach their fitness goals. Our Combat Fitness program allows for students to push themselves to past their limits and burn tons of calories.

Our combat fitness programs mix cardio, conditioning, and strength training with practical self-defense techniques to help keep you and your family safe. What are you waiting for? Call to schedule your first class today!

We guarantee you’ll leave each class sweating and smiling!​
We’ll focus on fitness, nutrition, weight loss and accountabilty. Participants can attend 2-5 days a week during this 6 week course

Start working to the best version of you today!

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Come expereience how martial arts can change your life!