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Kids Martial Arts Classes:

give your child the gift of martial arts!

Children learn discipline, respect, confidence, goal setting, communication skills and so much more!


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Parents in Ventrua are amazed at what their kids have acheived through martial arts!

Some fell that martial arts is solely punching, kicking, and flipping. What many don’t realize is the benefits that come along from having children enrolled in martial arts. Children develop better self-defense skills, confidence, respect, perseverance, listening skills and so much more. The skills children learn while training directly corralate to the skills they use in their every day lives. 

in a world of instant gratification, we teach kids that through hard work anything can be achieved. 

Martial arts facilitates a way for children to learn to harness their energy and focus on a task at hand. We have found that through our program children have learned to control their energy and use it to focus and work hard to achieve while pushing themselves past their limits to become even stronger leaders than ever before.

Don’t forget the FUN!

Did you know martial arts reinforces:

  • • Discipline
  • • Communication Skills
  • • Fitness
  • • Goal setting
  • • Self-esteem
  • • Self-Respect
  • • Bully Prevention Tactics
  • • Listening Skills
  • • Team work Skills

Worried about bullies, rowdy children, or bad grades? We help children harness their energy and make positive choices that help them in their everyday lives.

Most importantly children learn to enjoy being active. Here at Ignite ATA Martial arts we lead by example. We show students the fun that can be had from living an active lifestyle. Studies have shown the habits created at a young age are more likely to stick as they grow through life.

At Ignite ATA Martial Arts, we are on your team!

Martial arts helps children develop stronger listening skills, self-respect and self-discipline. We support you parents. Let us help you create tomorrows leaders.

ATA Tigers

Looking for the best sport for your pre-schooler?

  • Martial arts helps develop socialization skills and uses both auditory and visual learning skills to create an environment in which all preschoolers can strive.
  • The ATA Tiger program utilizes characters to help connect to your preschooler and teach different life lessons while they are moving up in the ranks of taekwondo.

3-6 Yrs

Socialization Skills




Listening Skills


Karate for Kids

Karate for Kids is a specialized program in which students learn to believe in themselves while developing skills to use in their everyday lives. Some beneifts include: 

  • Self-Confidence
  • Hard Work Ethic
  • Perseverance
  • Self-control
  • Confidence

7-12 Yrs






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