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ATA Tigers

The best sport for your preschooler!

Give your pre-schooler the gift of martial arts! They will learn socialization skills, improve their listening, and develop confidence!

Best part? They will be having fun and smiling the whole time!

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3-6 Yrs

ATA Tigers

The Perfect Program for Ages 3-7

Our ATA Tiger Program is specifically designed for children ages 3-7. Our tigers learn first time listening skills, confidence, respect, discipline, and goal setting techniques that will help them be a successful leader both inside and outside of the martial arts academy. 

Develops Self-Discipline

Discipline is “to obey what is right.” Self-discipline is a key component of what our students here at Ignite martial arts focus on in their every day classes. Martial arts challenges kids to push themselves past their limits to be the best they can be, While many kids today are used to instant gratification martial arts instills the idea that the best achievements come from time and hard work.

Increased Communication Skills

Communication is “the link to the world and me.” Martial arts helps create an environment in which students share a common interest and create life-long friends and memories. In our studio students share a common goal and learn to initiate conversations with their peers. Our students push each other and celebrate their victories together.


Martial arts is a fun way to keep the kids active and fit. Every class incorporates different drills and activities that are sure to keep students engaged and having fun. Martial arts also allows for students to be active opposed to sitting on the couch in front of a screen. As our martial arts students develop they learn the advantages and enjoy the benefits of an active lifestyle.

Learn to Set and Achieve Goals


Goals are a central component of martial arts training. We believe that the goals you set are the goals you get. As students move up in their color belt ranks they are achieving their short-term goals. Once reaching black belt they have accomplished a long-term martial arts goals. This type of training teaches students that goals are achievable through hard work and long-term goals can be broken down into short term achievements. 

boosted Self-Esteem

Self-Esteem is “the joy of being myself.” We teach our students that it is great to stand out and work hard towards your goals! Martial arts allows for kids whom have low self-esteem build stronger confidence by achieving small goals like learning a new technique, conquering a form, earning a new belt, or winning a tournament. With each new achievement students confidence increases.

Teaches respect

Respect is “not what you know, it’s what you do!” Martial arts students demonstrate a high-level of respect for their instructors. Children today sometimes have difficulty showing respect to authoritative figures. While participating in classes at our academy students learn to show respect, while also learning to earn respect. 

Bully Prevention Techniques

As martial artists our students learn that the best method of self-defense is their voice. Students in martial arts learn non-violent bully prevention techniques that include conflict resolution talking along with awareness drills to keep them away from bullies. 

Increased listening skills

Listening is a key component of martial arts. We teach kids that the best way to learn is through listening. When given instruction martial arts students listen the first time, this translates back to listening the first time at school and at home.

Team work Skills

Although martial arts is considered an individual sport, students will not reach their full potential without the support of fellow students. Students push each other to be their best and accomplish goals that may seem impossible. Once a goal is accomplished classes celebrate together. The bond that martial artist share is strong. Together martial artist can accomplish anything they set their minds to!

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